IT Recruitment

As one of the largest recruitment company in the Philippines, and now expanding across Southeast Asia, we make it easy for companies to attract IT applicants.
We seek an in-depth understanding of your business, your culture, unique challenges, and your vision for the future so we can align your needs to the best talents we find. Every step of Nezda recruitment process is tailored to the individual client.
From our initial consultation to creating a search plan, sourcing candidates, validating experiences, interviewing and checking references, our diligent process ensures only the most qualified candidates with the right skills and values are presented for your consideration.

Executive Search

We are bringing in a unique approach to Executive Search where we will go back to traditional concept of a true recruiter where deep and meaningful discussion happen.

We target the candidates who are prized by their companies. These profiles are not available in the traditional portals, profiles that never responds to calls by recruiters and never replies to job introduction emails but would only be interested if the job and value of your company was discussed with them in detail and with confidence.

For executive search we know how to keep your search confidential unless opening it to traditional portals is a part of the agreed upon strategy.

We are candidate driven, meaning we are increasing our database daily with both active and passive candidates. We know their career goals and the components they look for a potential future employer. We then uniquely match the technical and cultural fit to each client.

As business players we understand your pain in wanting to fill in positions on an urgent note alongside not compromising on the quality of the hire. This in mind. We literally work around the clock to deliver effective Talent Solutions for you.

Bilingual Recruitment

In Nezda, we acknowledge the fact that demands for bilingual recruitment has more than doubled in the last five years that is why we consistently look for talents who can bring a lot more to the table than just the ability to translate materials or interpret conversations. We offer both our clients and candidates with an unmatched recruitment service you cannot find anywhere else in the Philippines or across the Southeast Asia.


As one of the largest recruitment company in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, we take pride in making exceptional connections with industry players so we can provide unmatched recruitment service to our candidates and clients.

Here at Nezda, we don’t just do business—we make exceptional connections every day.