Machine Learning Configurator


  • Salary Range:??Php 17,000 - Php 41,000
  • Shift Schedule:?Dayshift?

Job Description

The Associate Software Technical Analyst (Automation Engineer) is responsible for creating and maintaining automation?solutions for the areas of focus using automation processes and technology. The role interfaces with both technology and?business operations team to build and configure efficient, scalable automations within prescribed automation tools and?coding standards. The role will develop, implement, and maintain automation (digital workforce assets) with the highest?positive impact.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Design, develop, and test automation solutions using prescribed tools and technologies.
  • Participate in interviews, meetings or workshops to understand the requirements and to develop automation?solutions.
  • Design, configure, test, deploy and integrate new, modified and/or enhanced automations.
  • Participate in development process, including constructing and maintaining efficient, reusable and reliable?configurations within robotic process automation software and tools.
  • Plan and participate in deployment of automation components in the enterprise architecture.
  • Participate in testing activities, including integration testing, end-to-end (business process) testing and user?acceptance testing.
  • Participate in the problem identification/error resolution process, including tracking, repairing and reporting?defects.
  • Provide technical direction on design considerations for performance, scalability, availability, maintainability,?disaster recovery and uptime.
  • Create and maintains technical design documentation to support development.
  • Create test scripts and supports Quality Assurance activities as needed.

Interested applicants may send their CV to? or to

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